Friel Films 2015

Friel films is a feature film production company headquartered in Michigan.  We have a ten year history of developing quality feature and documentary films for the world market.




The first feature film production for Friel Films,  "The Chameleon" stars Academy Award nominee Seymour Cassel  (The Royal Tennenbaums, Faces) as Richard Cavanaugh. Life in a small town changes forever when revenge comes to collect on an old debt.  Also starring:  Tom Dahlgren, Adrianne Duncan, and Patrick Floch.  Written by Gary Kroeger and Phil Wurtzel. Directed by Phil Wurtzel.   From IMDB:

In a glorious return leading man territory, Academy Award nominee (Faces) Seymour Cassel turns out a great performance in this film. As the older, yet wiser retired hitman, Cassel shines in this story of murder, mystery, revenge, and double-crossing. Cassel's ability to run with this role definitely makes the movie worth it.

In addition to Cassel, this film offers some other solid performances in the way of Tom Dahlgren, (What Lies Beneath) Adrianne Duncan, and Phil Wurtzel who also wrote and directed this small-town thriller.

This indy moves well and offers surprises along the way. Cassel's performance is charming and the others bring it together as a total and complete work. The Chameleon is a smart movie and is a good 90 minutes spent in my opinion. Look forward to this one.

Country: USA

Language: English

Running time:  90 mins. (approx)

Genre:  Thriller