Friel Films 2015

Friel films is a feature film production company headquartered in Michigan.  We have a ten year history of developing quality feature and documentary films for the world market.





Larry has more than twenty-eight years working in the film and television industry, and has plenty of experience on both sides of the camera. Larry started out as a stuntman on the old “Superboy” television series. He has also worked as a stunt rigger, stunt and safety coordinator, 1st assistant director, production manager, line producer and producer. Larry has worked on projects in all genres and budget levels.


Creative , Working Producer, & in the trenches.


Artistic & Logistics


Management & Production


Above the Line & Below




Commitment, Integrity, Vision


Feet on the ground, eyes to the skies


Velvet Hammer


Good Leader, Good Follower - knows when to be each


Do what it takes, Get the job done, nobody left behind